Monday, July 19, 2010


I'm not as sore as I thought I'd be. Right before we were about to head back, I started getting a little tired, but 5 hours of shoveling gravel tends to do that to a person. Today I was helping the YCC people with some trail maintenance on the High Bluffs trail. We were filling in the really bad, rutted areas, and anywhere that there was standing water. We started out with one trailer on the back of and Honda, but with only one Honda, we spent a lot of time just standing around and waiting for more gravel. So we got another Honda and trailer, so we were able to work a little bit faster. We split up into two groups of three, with two people driving the Honda's. One group was at the big pile of gravel loading up the trailers, and the second group was actually filling in the trail. I started in the second, and after almost 3 hours we traded out. We only filled trailers for an hour, and then we switched again until we were done for the day. I think that my group did the most work. We are the ones that got stuck with the 4 total hours of rut filling, and we did a better job at it. See how modest I am?? My head is killing me now, so I'm going to bed.
More later.
Peace out.

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