Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can't think of a good title....

This is actually yesterday's blog. It didn't get posted...

After all that work, no one showed up. The YCC people and I had set up a GPS route that told a story about being a bird biologist. It included finding waypoints, and at each waypoint there was something that a bird biologist would use (such as transportation, tools, birds bands) and they also had to find and reunite a stuffed mother puffin and her chick. After they found all the stuff, there were going to do a fake bird banding with the mother and weigh the chick. We all met at the civic center at 8:30 and we planned all morning. The “camp”, I guess, was scheduled to start at 13:00, so after lunch we all met back at the civic center. By 14:00, we all kind of got bored with just standing around and waiting for someone to show up. The YCC kids went to work on their podcast and climate change stuff, and I went home and started working on a contact list for everyone that I have been working with on the island. I don’t think I have talked about YCC much yet. YCC stands for Youth Conservation Corps. The kids in YCC are high schoolers ages 15-18. They work on maintaining trail, helping out in visitor centers, along with other things. There are two youth in YCC form St. Paul (Cara and Catelynn), and two from Homer (Emily and Colton). Emily and Colton came over on the Tiglax after spending 6 days sailing the Aleutians and traveling from various camps to pick up/drop off scientists and supplies. Next year, I want to be able to do what Emily and Colton did. It would be so much fun and such a great experience to be able to spend a week on the Tiglax. There are some other things that I would have to do, such as finding a place to stay for the summer in Homer, but I would also really like to come back to St. Paul. That would also be amazing.

The plane finally came today, and Tonia, June, Henry, and Ashley all left for Arizona at 19:20. Saying goodbye to someone here is a lot different that saying goodbye to someone in Anchorage, or anywhere else for that matter. After not even having to go through security (everyone who’s going on to somewhere besides Anchorage has to go through security in Anchorage) John and I walked right out to the tarmac with Tonia, June, and the kids, and then we drove down the road and parked beside the runway to wave as the plane took off. Now I’m staying at Phil and Aqualina’s house until I leave on Friday. On Friday I’m also going to the harvest. Juan can’t legally let me go with him, but Terry said that I could help him and Bobette out. I’m going to be a gut-runner or a blood-shaker or something. That means that I get to play in blood and guts all morning. That should be fun. ….  Tomorrow hole more shoveling of gravel, and another try at camp with an older age group. We’ll see how that one turns out! Off to bed.
More later.
Peace out.


  1. Enjoy your last day there! Can't wait to hear of your adventures when you have a chance after you're back.

  2. Last day? Funny. No, I'm stuck here until the plane comes stops canceling.