Monday, July 19, 2010

One more week....

So after a long wait and big discussion, I'm going home on either Thursday or Friday. I was at a lack of housing, so there was a chance that I would have been going home tomorrow. However, I now have a place to stay for a couple more days, so I will have a chance to get some more experience in.

Today I went out to do Tag Resights at Polovina at 17:00, and at about 19:00 it started to rain. Of course we had all left our rain gear in the truck, and we only had a little bit left to do, so we just sat through it and got a little wet. By 19:30, we just decided that we were done. Luckily we had finished the resights.

Tomorrow I think I'm starting with YCC (Youth Conservation Corps) to do trail maintenance, GPS, and what not. I'm really just trying to get known with the YCC people, because if I work at it, and play my cards right, I might be able to get on the Tiglax (tek-la) Research Vessel next year (Tiglax means eagle in Aleut, not that that's important to this blog in any way). But anyways, two YCC students got to spend some some time n the Tiglax, sailing the Aleutians and helping out the scientist on the boat and things like that. That would be such an amazing experience if I got the chance.
More later.
Peace out.
(There Dad. I blogged. Haha)


  1. Oh your mother will love that one next year!!! At least you have a year to talk her into letting you go! ;P

  2. Well it would only be for 6-10 days on the boat I think. Still fun though.