Monday, July 5, 2010

Fixing Up My Ride..... Again....

I always like being able to work on my Honda, but it's getting kind of old. Every time I turn around, something is wrong with it. Today we put new tires on, and we looked for break fluid, because there is NONE in my Honda, but we couldn't find the right one, so it still doesn't have any. After we put the new tires on, I went to the beach and rode down along the coast. I saw a lot of birds and seals. It was really pretty. When I came to where I couldn't go along the coast any farther, I cut across the tundra and ended up at the airport. I got back onto the road and headed home. I was freezing by the time I got back.

After I had been home for a while, Juan called and said he was on his way to pick me up. Juan, Chelsea, Mike(I think it was Mike) went out to Reef Rookery. I got to go out on the catwalks that sit above the shore. It was so amazing to be that close to those huge, dangerous animals. We also went to Northeast and Big Zaponi Rookeries. We saw a dead pup at Reef, and a seal that had been dead for a while at Big Zaponi. I love the seals. They are so cool to be around. It truly is amazing that you can get so close to such a dangerous animal and still feel totally safe. Those catwalks are serious business. Juan and Chelsea carried there 15 foot bamboo polls, called bull polls, for fighting off the bulls if they get too close. I can't wait to go back out there. I loved today. It was awesome.
More later.
Peace out.

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