Thursday, June 24, 2010


I got my luggage today!!! It came on a freight plane this evening at around 9 I think. That means that I have all of my gear now, so I'm going out with Greg and John from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service tomorrow morning. I'm really excited. The only bad thing is the weather here. It is SOO cold. It's the kind of cold that gets down to your bones and takes forever to warm up.

I also got a 4 wheeler today, and drove with Henry, Ashley, and Jon Jon around town a bit. I think we actually went all the way around town. And I still have a full tank of gas! Haha.

I have to get up at the butt-crack off dawn tomorrow morning, but I'll blog a lot more about what I'm doing tomorrow.

Peace out!!

P.S. Matthew Turner, you still owe me a dollar for blogging the fish pie factory idea! haha!


  1. What exactly is the crack of dawn on St. Paul Island? And your mother says to watch your language!

  2. The butt crack of dawn is 7:30 because I have to be at the phone when Greg calls anywhere between 8 and 9 to tell me when hes heading out for the day.