Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fixing Up My Ride

I was supposed to go out monitoring again today with Greg. Instead, when I got to Staff Quarters, I had a flat tire. We filled it up with the air compressor, but it was leaking to badly to go out to Zaponi with Greg. I came home, and John went out to look at it. We went to the store and got a patch kit, and then went to the junk yard behind the airport to see if we could find and tires. We found one, but it wasn't the same tread pattern as the one that was already on the Honda (That means 4 wheeler, no matter what make or model it is). So we just patched the tire. Then after that we changed the oil, and it just kind of started escalating from there, because next thing I know, we were changing out the front fender. We had to take apart most of the Honda and I got really dirty. My hands had oil and dirt all over them, my jeans are filthy, and I had a lot of fun!!! I feel so accomplished!

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